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Thankful, [personal profile] projectmothra style

As is traditional for schoolchildren at this time of year, R. was asked to put together a list of things for which he was thankful.

His list featured: bacteria, elements, electricity, and equal rights.

He expressed some confusion at his peers who mostly expressed appreciation for their families, pets, media devices, and sports.

And much as there's a teeny bit of wry sadness at "Mom" not making the short list, I have to admit, in the grand scheme of things, bacteria are really more important.

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Also, mom is 90% bacteria by cell count.

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And more or less 100% elements.

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...which are held together by electricity and have equal rights*. So there you go!


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That's... absolutely adorable! =D

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Conformity is over-rated. I'm kinda happy that electricty and equal rights are out there too.

... although, honestly, I am thankful for family, but not probably for nearly the same reasons.

I also want to add Goat's Hair Brushes and Watercolor Pencils to the list of things I'm thankful for! ... I probably should do it on my own journal, though.
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I am thankful for these things too!

.. granted, also for the things on the other kids' lists. Although sports probably wouldn't make my top twenty or even hundred list. O:)

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I am reminded of Orson Scott Card's Secular Humanist Revivals (from back before he, as ursulav so eloquently put it, lost his shit).

"Do you believe!?!" "YEES!!!" "NOOOO you people! You reply, "IN WHAT???" "

he'd hand out 3x5 cards to te audience, saying that you can't be a church without a collection plate, so he is collecting what people believe in.

Gravity, pi, and a few other things along those lines were in the list on the tape I heard...

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Awww :)

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[ profile] hagdirt sez "R. is now my favorite child in the universe."

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I ♥ Rhys so much. And I really think Daniel would understand so many things - I hope you guys get to come up and they can talk. Daniel has similar issues with his peers just not getting him, and with wanting to give the intellectual rather than emotional answer.

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That is SO awesome.