Mar. 10th, 2011

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The most amazing [personal profile] onceupon just posted a bunch of fashion pictures of herself. She's got a funky sense of style and a kickass attitude, and I've been inspired.

I'm just going to take a snapshot of myself after I get dressed in the morning, every day in the next month, and possibly other times if I dress to go out or something. Unlike the Ninety Days project a while back, I'm not going to try to compose interesting portraits, though if I end up with stuff useable elsewise, I won't be unhappy. I'm just going to prop the camera on a dresser with the timer and document what I'm wearing.

I won't swear that I won't wear the same black dress and rainbow socks all month, because sometimes I do. I'll probably wear the same pair of black ankle boots daily until it hits 70F or so, and then I'll switch over to black maryjanish slippers or something. I don't swear that on some work-at-home day I'll do anything better than my blue velour bathrobe, the one my first boyfriend in college gave me right after we'd broken up, because he'd already ordered it for me and didn't know what to do with it elsewise.

For the record, since my inspiration mentioned her stats for this, I will too: I'm 5'1" and approximately 175 lbs.

If nothing else, I'm curious. Perhaps you are too. I don't think I'll post daily, but I will throw them up in an LJ gallery every day, where you can look if you want, and then link at the end of the month.

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