Jan. 31st, 2011

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[personal profile] lediva and I are coming up on ten years of doing this crazy love thing that we do. And we want to have a party. With you. On a bus.

We're considering renting a party bus to enjoy with people from both halves of our geographical divide, and we'd like to know what might make sense, insofar as a party bus makes any sense. What will you get at this fine event? Beer, champagne, flashy lights, loud music, dancing, a stripper pole, and well, us!

This is more of a theoretical survey -- don't worry about the date or whether you can make a commitment, just about what sounds like you'd consider doing it if the stars aligned correctly, some weekend in early summer. Pick all the choices that sound like you would do them.

For one-way trips, we could probably find you crash space after the party on the far end and hand you a BoltBus schedule, but you'd overall be responsible for getting to whichever end is home for you.

Please hop over to the survey at SurveyMonkey and let us know what you think. Thanks!

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