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March 11, 2011 March 11, 2011
Too-tight JoCo babydoll, Land's End jeans, orange and black rubber necklace. I rarely actually wear pants instead of a skirt, but I just got these and I like them. Lazy at home day.

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The most amazing [personal profile] onceupon just posted a bunch of fashion pictures of herself. She's got a funky sense of style and a kickass attitude, and I've been inspired.

I'm just going to take a snapshot of myself after I get dressed in the morning, every day in the next month, and possibly other times if I dress to go out or something. Unlike the Ninety Days project a while back, I'm not going to try to compose interesting portraits, though if I end up with stuff useable elsewise, I won't be unhappy. I'm just going to prop the camera on a dresser with the timer and document what I'm wearing.

I won't swear that I won't wear the same black dress and rainbow socks all month, because sometimes I do. I'll probably wear the same pair of black ankle boots daily until it hits 70F or so, and then I'll switch over to black maryjanish slippers or something. I don't swear that on some work-at-home day I'll do anything better than my blue velour bathrobe, the one my first boyfriend in college gave me right after we'd broken up, because he'd already ordered it for me and didn't know what to do with it elsewise.

For the record, since my inspiration mentioned her stats for this, I will too: I'm 5'1" and approximately 175 lbs.

If nothing else, I'm curious. Perhaps you are too. I don't think I'll post daily, but I will throw them up in an LJ gallery every day, where you can look if you want, and then link at the end of the month.
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Thanks for your input, everybody! We are leaving the party as is, on June 18th. We hope that those of you who are in the Boston area at other events might choose to make the Party Bus your second stop when it arrives in Belmont around midnight.

More details closer to then, just wanted to be clear about that.

Party dates

Mar. 2nd, 2011 09:42 pm
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Due to a variety of feedback, we are considering pushing the anniversary bus party back to the 25th of June. Are there any of you who wanted to come for whom that date is worse?
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Lucas Silviera, lead of the Cliks, on solo tour, hitting NYC Wednesday the 30th, opening for Hunter Valentine and Sick of Sarah. Anyone interested in joining me? He's totally dreamy....
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1) The big 10th anniversary party that [personal profile] lediva and I are planning will be on June 18, in New York and Boston. You should come! If I don't know you on Facebook, drop a line and I can give you details.

2) I really truly swear I'm going to make it to BaitCon this year, June 24-27. I've only been attempting this for about 5 years now.

3) I miss you all a lot and you should make plans to come see me.

4) In not-so-advance scheduling: Intercon this weekend. Crap. I am so unprepared.
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via [personal profile] womzilla

Top ten apologies for me, according to Google:

1. Vicki apologizes for the argument.
2. Vicki apologizes for being such trouble.
3. Vicki apologizes for late reply.
4. Vicki apologizes for overreacting in Florida.
5. Vicki apologizes for nearly giving them away.
6. Vicki apologizes for being mean.
7. Vicki apologizes for the poor photo quality.
8. Vicki apologizes for problems reaching their site.
9. Vicki apologizes for not being able to be here.
10.Vicki apologizes for any inconvenience.
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Send me a message if you wanna.

My Valentinr - beetiger
Get your own valentinr
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I have two older laptops, looking for good homes.

One is circa 2003, hp Pavillion ze4500, Celeron 2.40 GHz, 704 MB RAM, 40 GB drive. Dirty but otherwise in decent shape.

(Tentatively claimed: The other is circa 2006, Lenovo 3000 C200, Intel Celeron 420 @1.60 Ghz, 1.49 GB RAM, 70 GB drive.
The hinges on this one are broken, which means that the screen needs to be propped up by something behind it when it is being used. I got an official quote to fix that at $100, but I don't know if someone handier than me could fix it themselves. Also, for some reason this keyboard was really sensitive to the oils on my hands, so a lot of the letters on the keys are worn off, so if you don't touch type it might not be the machine for you.)

Both are running Windows XP Home. I have one use of a three use Windows 7 upgrade pack which you could have for $40 (1/3 of what I paid for it, and about half of what you'd pay for a single one) if you'd like to upgrade one of these.

Both are available for pay-what-you-think-is-fair. Barter offers welcome. I mostly want them to be appreciated by someone who can use them.

Shipping is $15.00 to throw it into a large Priority Mail flatrate box to US addresses.
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For the last while, I've had a craving for Rice Krispie Treats. So, hey, I'm a grownup, I have $5, my son occasionally has guests over to give me a veneer of an excuse that I'm making them for kids, I went ahead and made them. Using good traditional housewife methodology, I used the recipe on the side of the cereal box.

Much to my shock, they were meh. Maybe Rice Krispie Treats just aren't very good now that I am a grownup. This would make me sad -- after all, I still like Marshmallow Peeps more than is legally allowed in most states -- but so be it. But then my son also was lukewarm on them, which surprised me.

But I had a lot of cereal left, and we've got a kid-guest tonight. So I made them again, but this time I happened to look at the recipe on the marshmallow bag. It's got significantly more butter. I made them this way, and you know what? They're as good as I remembered.

So, hey, Kellogg's: why are you changing the recipe and pretending it's the "Original"? For health reasons? Who the hell eats Rice Krispie Treats for their health?

If I make them again, I'm making them with lots of butter. And perhaps, as someone on the Internet suggests, dipping them briefly in 151 rum before eating them. See if you can stop me.

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[personal profile] lediva and I are coming up on ten years of doing this crazy love thing that we do. And we want to have a party. With you. On a bus.

We're considering renting a party bus to enjoy with people from both halves of our geographical divide, and we'd like to know what might make sense, insofar as a party bus makes any sense. What will you get at this fine event? Beer, champagne, flashy lights, loud music, dancing, a stripper pole, and well, us!

This is more of a theoretical survey -- don't worry about the date or whether you can make a commitment, just about what sounds like you'd consider doing it if the stars aligned correctly, some weekend in early summer. Pick all the choices that sound like you would do them.

For one-way trips, we could probably find you crash space after the party on the far end and hand you a BoltBus schedule, but you'd overall be responsible for getting to whichever end is home for you.

Please hop over to the survey at SurveyMonkey and let us know what you think. Thanks!
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Collection of Twilight Alchemy Labs Oils, in a lovely box I decorated myself:

100 imp lot, BPAL and other cool stuff, in an ammo box:

Also a bunch of bottles still here:

If this is something you or someone you know enjoys, please pass it on. I'd like these to have a good home, and I'll be frank, a few dollars would not hurt me any either. :) Thanks so much.
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I am going ahead and selling off a bunch of my BPAL, mostly pretty full bottles from 2006.

Full post here:

Please look if this sort of thing interests you.
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Much as I'm pretty happy following the tropical zodiac, just like always, I'm kinda amused to have some association with this "extra" sign, Ophiuchus the Snake-Wrangler. If I'd ever actually gotten the caduceus tattoo at the small of my back that I've been talking about for years, I'd be spot on now.

Has anyone seen anyone positing anything about what my personality is like now?
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I need a new theme song. Suggestions? (Rationale helpful, but not required.)
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It's once again Free Icon Day by Tod!

Tod is talented, crazy prolific, and just an all around super nice person. We've known Tod since we first hunted out artists for World Tree, and that was a long time ago now. :)

Seriously. You want one of these.
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Does anyone out there know enough about digital cameras to help me figure out what I need? I'm looking for something that can do good print-quality food photography, so

-good easy macro functions
-Can deal with suboptimal lighting conditions
-Not too bulky (carry in large purse)
-Easy to set up picture( need to get right shot within a minute or so)

Budget is probably in the $300 range, though I'm likely somewhat flexible on this. I'm not really a trained photographer, so having the default setup work pretty well is important, though having some flexibility would be good too.

Right now I'm using a $100 Kodak 10.2 megapixel point and shoot, and it's not quite cutting it.


ETA I ended up with a FinePix 1800, which seems to be doing what I need. Thank you for the help.
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I have officially closed the Little Pagans webshop. Thank you to all of you who created art, helped lug my stuff around festivals and conventions, bought something, or just generally told me it was cool. Unprinted blanks are either on ebay or on their way to children's charities.

Here's a note to the Universe that I've opened up that space for a different new, cool venture. If the right thing could make itself really obvious, that would be great.

Mother's Hearth Incense, Little Pagans' sister website, is still open for business.
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Doing this meme made me realize two things:
1) 2010 was an inexplicably long year, mentally. I feel like some of this stuff was way more than a year ago.

2) I really haven't been using LJ very much this year, a few times a month at most. I should really get back to it. Twitter is just such an entirely different thought process.

In any case, first sentence for first post of the month for each month in 2010. Some from locked posts.

Ten years ago on New Year's Eve, I was at Rowe Camp up in the Berkshires with [info]bard_bloom and a bunch of hippies and Buddhists, helping to lead a ritual that Margo Adler had to abandon at the last minute because NPR wanted her in the city to report in case Y2K exploded.

Voting has begun for the Rose and Bay Award, a new award honoring crowdfunded projects.

I'm planning to do another little order of Crowdsource Tarot decks in preparation for Morphicon, sometime this week.

Beverly Borah April 5, 1945-April 1, 2010

debsliverlovers is a fandom auction to benefit Deb Mensinger and her wife, Laurie J. Marks (author of the Elemental Logic series, the Children of the Triad series, The Watcher's Mask, and Dancing Jack, and guest of honor at WisCon 31).

This is a test of lj posting via Droid.

My bees seem to be mostly avoiding doing much with the honey supers, and the last few days way too many of them were hanging about outside the hive for my liking, so I went in today and replaced a frame of capped honey from the edge of the deep box with a frame of drawn but empty comb in the center.

Kid playing multiple players of a more-or-less mechanistic board game by himself. Perfectly reasonable, or rather odd?

I have this little black dress.

Apparently this mini-vacation from dealing with random crap and being a housewife consists of dealing with random crap and being a housewife in another household. :P

I just contacted my first birth client via the Doula Project, to find out that she had an emergency C-section two days ago and didn't choose to call us for support.

There are many many things I do not miss about the corporate world, but I have to admit that I miss the large holiday parties and the vendor swag.
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I had a lovely mostly-at-home week between Christmas and New Year's, with a wonderful, alternately intense and mellow visit from [ profile] lediva, as well as time with the usual suspects [ profile] bard_bloom and [ profile] projectmothra, and a New Year's Eve visit from Trish (whose LJ handle I seem to have forgotten) and her son. The visit from a sniffly, stuffy headcold is less wonderful, but tolerable.

I probably went on more of a vacation from the rest of life than I probably should have, so today I'm scrambling to get everything back under its usual level of control, possibly not in the most sensible order. My calendar shall be filled in correctly with all the things I have promised to people, everything that needs to get mailed and written will get mailed and written, and I will sit down and work through the list of things that need to get done.

I'm not making resolutions per se. But I do have a focus that I'd like to use as a touchpoint this year: being more of myself. I would like to remember to do more of the things that manifest who I am and satisfy me, and less of trying to be other people, likely not as well as they manage to be themselves. Sometimes I get the feeling that I used to be interesting, but that I'm not anymore, and I'd like to be in that space less often.
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